More Millennials Are Seeking Prenups, And Are Reasons To Consider One

Having the prenup talk in the middle of deciding what song you’re going to dance to at your wedding is probably no one’s idea of a fun time. Who really wants to think about the end when you’ve barely even gotten to the beginning? But believe it or not, a new national survey from the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (AAML) found that more Millennials are seeking prenups.

“Millennials probably need prenuptial agreements more than any other generation as they are dealing with both family money as well as new business ventures,” Jacqueline Newman, NYC Divorce Lawyer and Author of Soon-To-Be-Ex, Your Guide to a Perfect Divorce and Relaunch, tells Bustle. Prenuptial agreements are best suited for people entering marriages with premarital funds they want to ensure will maintain their separate property character if blended with marital assets. They can also make sure money stays in the family in the event that the new spouse-to-be passes during marriage.