Gracious & Tenacious
Talitha steered me through one of the most complicated and important times of my life with wit, tenacity and verve. She is gracious, dedicated, intelligent and steadfast. We prevailed in what was a very difficult and potentially devastating set of circumstances. If you are in a high-conflict divorce I would highly recommend Talitha. She understands the psychology and will be your advocate and fearless general.

-a client

Professional and Responsive
Talitha was excellent in terms of helping me feel a little more in control of a difficult situtation (what divorce isn’t difficult?) She was knowledgeable, courteous and her staff took control of performing tasks that didn’t warrant her time (and rate). I had one concern that was promptly and aggressively addressed. I would definitely recommend Talitha’s services to those in need.

– Robert

Dissolution of an unpleasant partnership
Very sharp. I was having trouble getting a difficult partnership dissolved. Talitha’s sharp contract skills and no nonsense approach resolved the situation with record speed. Calls are returned promptly. I would recommend her in a heartbeat. She’s got your back.

– Rene

Why you should hire Talitha Davies Wegner!
If you are looking for an honest lawyer with integrity, grit and a backbone, you need look no farther. If you are looking for an articulate, level headed lawyer who will tell you the truth, always take your call and do the right thing when no one is looking, stop searching!

If you want a lawyer with compassion and a quest for what is fair, just and right, hire Talitha Davies Wegner. Talitha was not my first attorney, but she will be my last. Talitha is concise, focused, deliberate, prepared and professional. She will NOT “get down in the weeds” with the rest of them and prefers to not waste valuable time racking up expenses arguing and flailing about with opposing counsel. Instead, Talitha uses her time getting the facts in order.

Say NO to junkyard family lawyers that want to cause more division and time on the clock. Say yes to Talitha, because if she agrees to take your case, you will be moving forward in the fast lane to resolution and new beginnings.

– a client

Talitha is a DIAMOND in the rough…
I had the pleasure of working with Talitha Davies-Wegner for the past couple months. I was going through a very difficult custody battle/ divorce and I am so lucky I found Tally and her associates. I did the same thing most people are doing right now, reading reviews to find an attorney. All I have to say is look no further!!

Talitha and her associates treated me like family, they genuinely cared about my case. She is compassionate, caring, and a legal ninja. She is straight to the point and knows exactly what to do. Talitha not only knows how to win battles, but at the end of the day she knows how to win the war. She will fight with you until your issue is resolved. I have nothing but great things to say about Talitha and her staff!

Talitha will be my go to girl if I have any other legal issues and will be my number one recommendation to anyone looking for an attorney.

– Ryan

Excellent Attorney
Wow…that’s all I can say! I have had the pleasure of working with Talitha Wegner for the past couple of weeks. Talitha is shrewd, passionate, easy to get along with, responsive and gets right to the heart of the issue. Yes, these are all the qualities one would want in an attorney, but what sets Talitha apart is that she genuinely cares.

As a business owner, I have worked with numerous attorneys regarding my business and have also been through a difficult divorce. None of these previous attorneys had the drive and compassion that Talitha possesses.

I wish I would have met her years ago as my past events involving legal matters would have been so much easier. I am so happy to have met Talitha and her wonderful staff. No one ever wants to need an attorney, but if you do, it doesn’t get much better than Talitha.

– Rachael